The Kormarine Conference 2021 Sponsorship Program aims to offer you an opportunity to effectively enhance your company’s brand image and make your presence known in the world.

Sponsorship Program and Sponsoring Amount

ASponsorship Package

Level Platinum Gold Silver Bronze
Amount (VAT Excluded) KRW
Conference Free Pass 40 persons 30 persons 10 persons 5 persons
Presentation Opportunity 3 times 2 times 1 times
Gala Dinner Address Opportunity 1 time
Toasting Opportunity for Gala Dinner 1 time
Gala Dinner Ticket 4 tickets 3 tickets 2 tickets 1 ticket
VIP Luncheon Ticket 10 tickets 7 tickets 5 tickets 3 tickets
Color Ads inside the Proceedings (1 page)
Logo on the Proceedings Cover
Banner Link on the Official Website
Logo on the Newsletter
Logo on the Banners and Ads

BPresentation with Meals

During morning or lunch sessions, sponsors can present their technology and/or
product of the sponsor company or any other subject the sponsor wishes to

This is a great opportunity since the participants can solely focus on the sponsor company.
Morning Sessions
KRW 10,000,000 (VAT Excluded) Oct. 20 (Wed, 08:00-09:30) Oct. 21 (Thu, 08:00-09:30)
Lunch Sessions
KRW 10,000,000 (VAT Excluded) Oct. 20 (Wed, 12:00-13:30) Oct. 21 (Thu, 12:00-13:30)

The Package includes

1 signboard with the sponsor company’s logo and slogans.

1 promotional table at the session entrance.

A promotional video for morning or lunch hours in each session room.

Opportunity to join the conference VIP meeting will be offered.

Promotional literature can either be distributed at lunch or placed on the lunch box.

  * Please note that the Kormarine Conference Secretariat members will only provide the venue; the promotional program will be planned and run by the sponsor company.


Item Amount Item Amount
Conference Bag KRW10,000,000 Gala Dinner (Oct.20) KRW20,000,000
Coffee Break Twice (Oct.20) KRW 7,000,000 Coffee Break Twice (Oct.21) KRW 7,000,000
Internet Lounge KRW 5,000,000 Conference Website Banner KRW 3,000,000
Registration Desk KRW 5,000,000 Participant Souvenir (Pen) KRW 3,000,000
Conference Lanyard Branding KRW 3,000,000 Logo on Staff T-Shirts KRW 1,000,000
Proceedings Back Cover (1P/color) KRW 3,000,000 Inside the Proceedings Back Cover (1P/color) KRW 2,000,000
Proceedings Back Inserts (1P/color) KRW 1,500,000 Inside the Proceedings Front Cover (1P/color) KRW 2,000,000
  • Conference Bag

    The Conference Bag will include the proceedings and be distributed to all the participants. The bag will surely have a lasting impact on those who come to the Kormarine Conference 2021.

  • Coffee Breaks

    Coffee Breaks will be a perfect chance to promote the sponsor company,
    as the company’s logo can be branded on the coffee break signboards as well as on the table runners. Furthermore, your promotional videos can be featured during the coffee breaks.

  • Internet Lounge

    This is another great opportunity to maximize your company’s exposure to the participants by branding your company logo on the computer windows as well as in the Internet Lounge designs.

  • Registration Desk

    The Registration Desk is the place which will be exposed to most of the participants, so placing your company logos and images at the desk will be a great opportunity to advertise the sponsor company.

  • Conference Lanyard Branding

    Conference Lanyards will be branded with the sponsor company’s logo. Since the participants will be wearing this throughout the conference, sponsoring the lanyard branding will definitely enhance your company’s brand as well.

  • Gala Dinner

    Around 100 VIPs including the speakers, organizing and steering committee members, and the industry leaders are expected to network and share business opportunities during the gala dinner.

  • Conference Webpage Banner Advertisement

    The Conference Webpage Banner is an effective way not only to advertise your new products and services but also to boost up your company name value. The banner can also be linked onto the sponsor company’s website.

  • Logo on Staff T-Shirts

    The Official Conference T-Shirt will be worn by the conference staff who will be roaming about the conference. Sponsoring the staff T-shirt will entail your company’s logo insertion and a dynamic opportunity to advertise.