Program at a Glance

Program at a Glance

DAY 1. October 25 (Wed.), 2017 Program Download

Time Track A
Room : Exhibition Center 2, #321~324
10:00~10:40(40‘) Opening Ceremony &Kormarine Award
Congratulatory Speech
Mr. HelmutePonath(NSB Group, CEO, Germany)
10:40~11:10(30‘) KN1 Keynote Speech: The Outlook for the Maritime Sector
Dr. Barrie Stevens
(OECD, Senior Advisor to Ocean Economy Programme, France) CV & Abstract
11:10-11:20(10’) Coffee Break
[K1] Market & Forecast
Chairperson: Dr. Peter Swift
(Ardmore Shipping Corporation, Director, UK) CV
11:20~11:50(30') K1-1 Shipping Market Status and Forecast
Dr. Adam Kent (Maritime Strategies International Ltd., Director, UK) CV & Abstract
13:40~14:10(30') K2-1 NSB GROUP and Korean Shipbuilding – a Review and Prospects
Mr. Tim Ponath (NSB Group, COO, Germany) CV & Abstract
12:20~13:40(80') Lunch
[K2] Ship Finance and Business Creation Opportunities with New Partners
Co-Chairperson:Mr. Gerry van der Sluys (Business Creation Investments AG, CEO,Switzerland),
CV Co-Chairperson:Mr. Rasmus Lisbjerg (24Global, Partner, Ireland) CV
11:50~12:20(30‘) K1-2 Energy’s I-Phone Moment
Mr. Henning Gloystein(Thomson Reuters, Editor in Charge, Asia Energy, Singapore) CV & Abstract
14:10~14:40(30') K2-2 Collaboration with Singapore in LNG
Mr. Kok Min Tang (International Enterprise Singapore, Centre Director, Korea) CV & Abstract
14:40-15:10(30’) K2-3 Eco is the New Drive on the Shipbuilding Industry
Mr. Moo Hyun Park (Hana Financial Investment, Equity Analyst, Korea) CV & Abstract
15:10~16:00(50') K2-4 Energy and Sustainable Development LNG Bunker / RFSU in Canary Islands
Mr. José Eusebio Marrero Marrero (DistribuidoraMaritimaPetrogas, Managing Director, Spain) CV & Abstract
Business Collaboration with Spain
Ms. Ida Stier (Stier Group, CEO, Spain)
CV & Abstract Joint R&D Projects Finance Spain-Korea
Mr. Woo Sung Chang Kim(Islaw Abogados, Partner, Spain) CV & Abstract
16:00~16:20(20') Coffee Break
16:20~16:50(30') K2-5 The New Indonesia Energy Policy and The Prospect of Investment
Prof. Ir Tumiran
(The National Energy Council of the Republic Indonesia / Gajah Mada University, The Board Member, Indonesia) CV & Abstract
16:50~17:20(30') K2-6 Vietnam Shipping Industry Chances & Co-Operation Proposals
Mr. Bui Viet Hoai (Vietnam National Shipping Lines, Deputy General Director/VSA, Vice Chairman, Vietnam) CV & Abstract

* This schedule is tentative and subject to changes in accordance with circumstance

DAY 2. 26 (Thu.), 2017

Time Track A
Room : Exhibition Center 2, #321~324
10:00~10:30(30‘) KN2 Keynote Speech: The Ocean, Industry and Job Creation
Ph.D. Tony Michell
(Korea Associates Business Consultancy, Managing Director, Korea) CV & Abstract
[K3] Green Technology
Chairperson: Mr. Chang-wook Kim
(Korean Register, Executive Vice President,Korea) CV
10:30~11:00(30') K3-1 Ecohip, Greenship and Smartship
Mr. Odin Kwon (Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering, Vice President, Korea) CV & Abstract
11:00-11:20(20’) Coffee Break
11:20~11:50(30') K3-2 Two-stroke Marine Engines with Flexibility in Design and Operation for Gaseous Fuels and Emissions
Mr. Lars Bryndum(MAN Diesel & Turbo, Director, Denmark) CV & Abstract
11:50~12:20(30') K3-3 Evaluation of LNGCs Efficiency Options
Mr. Stavros Hatzigrigoris(Maran Gas Maritime INC., Managing Director, Greece) CV & Abstract
12:20~13:40(80') Lunch
Time Track A
Room : Exhibition Center 2, #321~324
Track B
Room : Exhibition Center 2, #325~326
[K4] Future Marine Energy & Industries - Challenges and Opportunities
Chairperson: Prof. Daejun Chang
(KAIST, Korea)
[K5] The 4th Industrial Revolution & S loT and Ship Owners’ Perspective
Chairperson: Prof. Kangki Lee
(Korea Maritime & Ocean University, Korea)
13:40~14:10(30') K4-1 Footprint of LNG in Korea and KOGAS Strategy
Mr. Ki Dong Kim (KOGAS, Principal Researcher, Korea)
CV & Abstract
K5-1 Data & Digital Transformation in Marine & Offshore
Mr. Sung-Gu Park (Lloyd’s Register Marine & Offshore,Strategic Marketing Manager, Korea)
CV & Abstract
14:10~14:40(30') K4-2 The World’s First Commercial LNG Fuelled B/C
Mr. Hyun Kug Lee (Ilshin Marine Transport Co., Ltd., Executive Advisor, Korea)
CV & Abstract
K5-2 Utilization of AIS Data into Ship Operation & Complete Digitization of Vessel Logbook
Mr. Deok-Hoon Jang (NAPA Shipping Solutions, Director of Global Sales, Korea)
CV & Abstract
14:40~15:00(20’) Coffee Break
15:00~15:30(30') K4-3 Recent Progress in the Application of High Manganese Austenitic Steel for Cryogenic Service
Dr. Kihwan Kim (POSCO, Senior Principal Researcher, Korea)
CV & Abstract
K5-3 Fourth Industrial Revolution & IoT
Mr. June Sup Lee (KT, Vice President, Korea)
CV & Abstract
15:30~16:00(30') K4-4 FSRU Heating Medium Comparison Study
Ms. Ah Young Kang (KRISO, Engineer, Korea)
CV & Abstract
K5-4 Singapore: A Global Base Camp for Marine and Offshore Business
Mr. Joseph Chai Yeol Baek (GLM Marine & Offshore Pte Ltd,Managing Director, Singapore)
CV & Abstract
16:00~16:30(30') K4-5 Risk Assessment on LNG-FPSO FEED
Mr. Seong Na (KR Ship & Offshore Technology Center, Senior Surveyor, Korea)
CV & Abstract
K5-5 The Shipowner's Perspectives on Tier III Applications
Mr. DemitriosTsalapatis (Costamare Shipping Company S.A, Technical Director, Greece)
CV & Abstract

**Panel Discussion**

* This schedule is tentative and subject to changes in accordance with circumstances.

DAY 3. October 27 (Fri.), 2017

Time Tour Program
10:00 Meeting with a guide at Flag table of BEXCO
10:00-11:20 HaedongYoinggungsa Temple
11:20-13:00 Lunch (Korean barbecue restaurant OryukdoGawon)
13:00-14:10 Oryukdo Sky-walk
14:10-16:30 Songdo Cable Car (One way) + Walkway
16:30-17:00 Travel to BEXCO
17:00 BEXCO (Drop point)